Jewelry care

In order for your jewelry to maintain its splendor and shine, here are some useful tips on how to care for and maintain your jewelry.


All our gold-plated pieces have a treatment to preserve the color and its luminosity for a longer time, but it is normal that this can be lost over time.

The PH of our skin influences in particular the duration and condition of the jewel, especially those which are plated, in some cases, our PH can make the jewel darker. That is why we recommend that you do not use them while doing any activity that involves sweating of the skin and even that you take them off to sleep

Always avoid contact with the piece with cosmetic or chemical products, it is important not to put perfume, alcohol or derivatives of these on them, as well as contact with water, especially from swimming pools and the sea.

For the preservation of the gold plating, it is essential not to wet the jewels, since wetting them reduces the duration of the plating and implies the loss of the guarantee.


If you want to restore the shine of your Silver jewelry, you simply must rub it gently with a specific microfiber chamois or a cotton cloth. To clean them, you can use a small amount of neutral soap mixed with warm water and gently scrub your jewel with a soft brush.

Gold-plated pieces require greater care to avoid the wear of the plating, so it is important that cleaning is done without rubbing intensively, since they can cause the loss of the plating. Use a cotton cloth or a specific micro-fiber chamois for cleaning jewelry, without applying any liquid or product.


Please note that Altalena Italy boxes are not designed to keep items in perfect condition for long periods, as they are not airtight containers and the color may be altered due to lack of use.

Store your jewelry separately in a jewelry box or in tarnish-resistant bags to avoid scratching them. If you prefer, you can use the hermetic plastic bags that you will find under the padding of each box. Do not use rubber containers, as they accelerate the tarnishing process of the pieces, especially those in gold and rose gold plated. Store them in a dry and closed place. When you are not using, keep them away from any direct exposure to sunlight and away from humid places, especially the bathroom, as they accelerate the process of loss of lucidity.


Gold-plated pieces are more fragile, so ALTALENA does not guarantee that the gold and rose gold plating of our products will last forever.

Everything will depend on the use of chemicals that come into contact with the skin, the pH of each person and the level of sweating of the body.

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